Making Prescribing Easy


Comprehensive assistance—from prior authorization to product delivery—through Elwyn Specialty Care

When you prescribe Epaned and select Elwyn, you, your staff, and your patients gain access to a full suite of services, including:

Benefits Investigation
Elwyn will verify your patients’ insurance coverage for all types, including private, Medicare, Medicaid, and other state and local insurances.
Prior Authorization Assistance
Elwyn will help your patients with the process and will work with your staff to help patients get the assistance they need.
Product Information
Your patients will always have access to a pharmacist who can answer questions about medications and health conditions.
Patient Assistance
Elwyn is available to discuss your patients’ co-pay options.
Home Delivery
Your patients are given the option of having their prescriptions filled and delivered right to their door.
Here’s how to set up Epaned home delivery for your patients

Patients can obtain Epaned from a qualified mail order service. Healthcare providers simply submit Epaned prescriptions by phone, fax, or e-prescribing (using the information below) to:

Elwyn Specialty Care
3070 McCann Farm Dr. Ste 101
Garnet Valley, PA 19060
Fax: 610-545-6030
Contact: Stephen Seiden, PharmD

Download enrollment forms and get your patients started

Get started on Elwyn’s Epaned Connect page or call 1-844-472-2032.

Enroll patients in Epaned Connect.
Epaned Patient Enrollment and Prescription Form.

Have Epaned prescription mailed directly to patients.
Epaned Prescription Order Telephone/Fax Form.

Help qualifying patients with prescription costs.
Epaned Patient Assistance Program Form.