Why Epaned?


The FDA is reinforcing the importance of prescribing FDA-approved products such as Epaned. According to the FDA:
“When a drug is FDA-approved, patients are assured that FDA has reviewed the safety and efficacy of the drug and the adequacy of the manufacturing process to produce a quality product….compounded drugs do not provide such assurance and, therefore, should only be used when an FDA-approved product is not available to meet the medical needs of an individual patient.”1
The FDA approval process helps ensure safety and effectiveness for your pediatric patients over 1 month of age.

EPANED Oral Solution Extemporaneously compounded enalapril suspension
Meets FDA standards for potency and purity Unknown1,2
FDA-approved labeling NO3
Required compliance with FDA’s CGMPs* Unconfirmed2
Sourcing of active ingredient approved by FDA Unknown2

Additional Differences

Shaking required Solution does not require shaking Suspension requires vigorous shaking prior to each administration2
Shelf life/stability Well established4,5 Unknown/varies
Refrigeration required Not by the patient Unknown3
Available at retail pharmacies YES Unknown
Covered by Medicaid YES Unknown

Trusted efficacy delivered with consistent potency

Well-established efficacy: The efficacy of enalapril is well established for pediatric patients with hypertension who are older than one month.4 Epaned is also indicated for symptomatic heart failure and asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction in adults.4

Weight-based dosing: Epaned Oral Solution provides weight-based dosing (mg/kg) for the treatment of hypertension in children over 1 month of age.

Consistent potency: When you choose to prescribe or dispense Epaned, it provides consistent potency from first to last dose in every prescription, and helps ensure consistency from hospital to home.

*Current Good Manufacturing Practices
To decrease the rate of development of overt heart failure and reduce hospitalization for heart failure.4

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